Automatic Launches New Car Adapter With GPS, App Gallery Filled With Best Third-party Apps

A startup calls itself Automatic, has announced a new App Gallery and Car Adapter with real time data support for motoro vehicles. Exciting developments and innovations are right around the corner, and which are driven by unique startups looking to capitalize on a corner of the market. Automatic, by producing connected adapters and accompanying software designed for cars, is one of such company doing exciting things in that particular space. The company has finally announced the roll out of a new software deleopment kit (SDK) for third-party developers as well as an accompanying dedicated app gallery for enthusiasts to showcase their applications design specifically to entend the functionality of any vehicle with a concerbed Automatic adapter. Nevertheless, is the second generation Automatic Adapter. More details on what exactly the Automatic Adpater 2 specs go with can be checked right after this drive.


Automatic in an effort to hit the ground running and giving developers a little bit of initial inspiration, has been working quitely behind the scenes with more than 20 developers to build  a range of apps that currently populate the Automatic app store at launch. All of the currently available apps, alongside which are developed with newly released SDK, extract information about the vehicle directly from the connected adapter that sits easily in the car’s daignostic port. In fact, to make this possible the company has also revealed a new adapter that has been updated to make its evidently possible for real-time data about the vehicle to be streamed directly to apps running on an dedicated smartphone. The new version Automatic Adapter even features its very own GPS chip, logging every trip you make using your vehicle. And that’s which not available in the previous version adapter; the new one has a Bluetooth support, allowing it to stream data to two apps at once. Great!

Overall, the new Automatic Adapter adds dual Bluetooth data streams, built-in GPS, Made for iPhone (MFi) certification, and gets an improved connector to its existing feature inclusions set.  It’s able to provide notifications to advise drivers on when to ease off on the gas and brake pedals to optimize speeds and save gas, and it can deliver information on what’s wrong with a car via check engine alerts. A free crash alert service sends assistance whenever a severe collision is detected.


The Automatic app gallery features titles such as Concur, a third-party creation designed to track milage from individual trips with the purpose of submitting expense reports a lot simpler. The official Automatic Nest app can pre-heat the user’s home when the vehicle arrives at a particular desitination. The Pebble app that can even record where the vehicle has been parked and send that information directly to the connected Pebble smartwatch on the user’ wrist. Also has apps for individuals who like a little bit of fashion and performance such as OBD Fusion, yet another third-party offering that reads OBD-II vehicle data and displays it in a beautiful dashboard with stunning cutsomizable gauges and indicators. Port for Tracking fuel economy has never been so easy, or pretty.


The Automatic Adapter SDK and an App Gallery whicvh houses third-party apps are able to take full advantage of the data that the adapter supplies. There are more than a dozen apps that already offer Automatic integration, like IFTTT, Nest, Yo, and Pebble. One of the major features that Automatic‘s new app integration brings is the ability to see a car’s raw performance data in real time. For instance; Automatic now delivers data to DashCommand, Harry’s LapTimer, and OBD Fusion, three apps that can read information from a car’s OBD-II port sent from the Automatic.

Owners of an existing Automatic adapter will be able to take advantage of the new app gallery, although some of the apps will require an adapter upgrade to utilize the real-time streaming data. With Automatic’s SDK, additional apps may include data from the Automatic Adapter in the future. The SDK offers access to information like mileage, routes, driving events, real-time speed, RPM, and more.

Updating to or purchasing the latest adapter is available immediately at a cost of $99. You can check out the range of apps available by pointing your browser to:

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