Electric Car: Tesla Model S Gets A 2016 Refresh, This Is What It Brings

The model of electric vehicle from Tesla went into production in June 2012, is getting its first styling updates in almost four years. Tesla Motor’s range of electric cars are fast becoming known for the fact that they can receive over-the-air software updates that are designed to not only fix bugs and improve performance, but also introduce new features. The Silicon Valley car maker has refreshed the Tesla Model S line with some notable changes that go beyond a simple software update today. Gets styling update, 48-amp charger, new interior options and much more.

The Elon Musk’s company took the opportunity to release an update to its Tesla Model S electric vehicle, and said that Model S luxury sedans produced starting today is its Fremonth, California, assembly plant will have a new front-end design. Sometimes, these improvements can only be made through the physical modification and improvement of hardware. Fans of the Tesla range of vehicles will instantly be able to see that the refreshed 2016 Model S now has benefitted from a nose job that sees it fall more inline with the newer Tesla cars.

Tesla clearly shows up its ambitions to converge various features from different models range to breed instant familarity, amongst customers. To achieve that, the front panel of the Model S, as well as the headlight package, have been redesigned to fall in line wih the visuals of the Model X and recently announced Model 3. Dispensing with the simulated oval “grille” of the earlier Model S, the headlights and front panel of the new design resemble that of the Model X crossover SUV  and the smaller range of Model 3 sedan.

In addition to the new front-end design, Tesla is also adding the HEPA air-filtration system  dubbed “Bioweapon Defense Mode” introduced on the Model X to the Model S as an option. At the same time we can say goodbye to the black plastic grille that was starting to look dated and past its sell by date. Given the fact that grilles on standard automobiles are used predominently to cool the engine, the Model S plastic grille aesthetic always felt a little odd considering there’s nothing to actually cool here as Teslas are all about EVs.

 The new 2016 Tesla Model S


According to the company, it removes “99.97 percent of particulate exhaust pollution and effectively all allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants from cabin air.” Tesla has also taken the chance to improve the standard charger that ships with the Model S. The increase from 40 amps to 48 amps equates to faster charging times when plugged into a higher-amperage source. That will let new Model S cars recharge their batteries more quickly where higher-amperage charging stations are available.

Given the fact that vehicle owners usually spend their time actually inside the vehicle than outside, Tesla has also updated the cabin part. Consumers looking to purchase a new Model S will now be able to choose between a Figured Ash Wood Decor and a Dark Ash Wood Decor, depending on the owners personal preferences.

The older Tesla Model S

All of these changes take place and are offered on all new Tesla Model S vehicles immediately and will go into production from today at Tesla’s plant. Configuring a base rear-wheel-drive Model S with the 70-kilowatt-hour battery pack on Tesla’s site this morning shows a price of $71,500.

If you aren’t waiting list for Model 3, then why not try out the new look and feel Model S? Experience the real upgraded features. The new and updated Model S 2016 starts at $67,400. Tesla also confirmed that the prices reflect an increase of $1,500 for all models. A mandatory delivery fee of $1,200 must be added as well.

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