Download BarMagnet: A New Torrent Remote App For iOS 11 iPhone X Works Without Jailbreak

Here’s an updated version of BarMargnet iOS 11 IPA file of a torrent app for iPhone X available to download. Here are the details you want to know about its features and other client information.

BarMagnet is a new jailbreak app for iPhone and iPad that allows users to remotely control their favorite torrent client on the go. This app called BarMagnet is an extremely powerful torrent remote controller which has been updated with iOS 11 and iPhone X support.

You can now download BarMagnet for iOS 11.1.x running iPhone X, as it supports the Apple’s new device. No jailbreak is required this to work. Originally, BarMagnet has been released as a jailbreak tweak available for free in Cydia under the BigBoss repo. Now that we are able to sideload BarMagnet torrent remote controller app on those devices without jailbreaking, so the newly released app is here to grab.

BarMagnet is one of those wonderfully powerful projects for iOS which is offered independently of the iOS App Store, But again, this is continuously updated and released for new iOS firmware and hardware releases. The developers behind the app, BarMagnet offers support for Deluge, qBitTorrent, rTorrent, SeedStuff, Synology, Transmission, and Vuze torrent clients. It has not only updated the platform with support for the latest firmware and hardware but also offered an unsigned IPA file for download which can be sideloaded without jailbreak.

Get BarMagnet Torrent Client Installed

On iPhones or iPod touch devices who download it are able to get up and running with the latest version with no time. The app features a built-in web browser, as well as support for the aforementioned torrent clients. And they even get the ability to order torrents by various characteristics. Isn’t it a great news? It has been updated to the latest Apple devices and gets even better performance.

Especially, for those who purchased an iPhone X, BarMagnet for iOS 11 release is a great offer. If you no longer have access to your beloved BarMagnet app that was previously installed on your iOS 10 device, then you’re going to want to rectify that situation with immediate effect. First of all, you will need to download an updated version of the BarMagnet IPA file from here.

Once acquired that file, you are going to know how actually getting it onto the OLED iPhone X running iOS 11. Of course, we have a perfect solution for that. Our previously written installation guide which covers installing BarMagnet on iOS 10 still stands today. With the process(es) still being the same, you simply head over to our tutorial here for instructions. Just remember to use iOS 11 IPA file linked above when following those steps.

Finally! You should now be up and running with the updated version of BarMagnet on your gorgeous new iPhone X (or any other iOS 11 device). Enjoy torrenting!

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