This Jailbreak App For iOS 10 Claims To Add Fast Charging On iPhone, Improve Battery Life

Wonder no matter whether iPhones or otherwise the owners of smartphones have often logged for, it’s improved battery life. Even with the latest operating systems such as Android 7.0 and iOS 10 capable of reducing the amount of power used by a hardware, there will always be a need to eek every last drop of power out of a device’s battery.

iOS 10 Battery Life Problems

The answer sometimes targets to strap a bigger battery on, but alternatively sometimes a best software could be the answer with a little more finesse. Like this jailbreak tweak called BatteryPlus – claims to do that impressively.

Installable via Cydia sources once the repository has been added, BatteryPlus is a free download that has been going through an extensive beta program up until this point. Following ten beta releases, the new tweak has now been reckoned for prime time.

How it works on your device to add the said fast charging to at the same time improving the battery life in question. According to the developer itself, once installed, BatteryPlus not only makes an iPhone’s battery last longer between charges, but also adds a fast charge capability. Now, yes, we know, real fast charging capabilities require some special charging components and a special battery, and the iPhone has neither.

What BatteryPlus does here, though, is to try and reduce the amount of power being used by a device during the charging cycle, meaning less power consumption, the battery charges faster as a result. Although Apple introduced its own kind of Power Saving Mode since iOS 8, followed by iOS 9 and the current iOS 10. The BatteryPlus’s developers theory is sound, and is apparently achieved by “reducing power hungry apps/processes which are not required at the moment.” In order to consider this app is worth checking, we have to try the tweak out for more than a few days and make sure it really works as claimed by the developer though.

The full list of features offered by BatteryPlus are:

  1. Fast charging
  2. Improved foreground/background process management
  3. Improved idle process management
  4. Improved background task scheduling
  5. Improved thermal management to keep phone cool at all times


A shot by the developer showing battery stats after 5 hours of usage with the tweak installed

If this tweak makes an iPhone’s battery last longer between charges, then we are all for it. Notably, there’s still a detailed technical description of how BatteryPlus manages to achieve what is claimed, very important to read.

The tweak may be “100% Mobile Substrate based,” but that does not guarantee your device won’t run into problems after its installation. Install and proceed at your own risk only, neither listen to anyone ‘trust’. If you decide on installing the tweak, you might have to wait anywhere around 15 to 60 minutes for the system to stabilize, according to the developer.

Interested ones, can get their hands to grab the tweak, try it out for yourself and let us know if you see an improvement in your device’s battery life.

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