BBM Protected Users Can Now Chat Securely On Android And iOS

Atricle about securing mobile messaging without any compromises. While BlackBerry’s BBM Protected has been keeping enterprse user’ chat secure since last year, it was only be used to work if it is installed on both the partiess phones. Now that, the feature can keep conversations secure even if only one of the chatters has it. More details how can you possibly do that after this jump.

In fact, the person on the either hand won’t be a BlackBerry user: Protected now works even on iOS and Android devices, Considering you can’t exactly force, say, clients to ditch their iPhones, Samsung and HTCs, among other brands that running Android, which this is definitely a good news.

Those who absolutely have to chat through secure methods only need to start a Protected parely, and the message above will appear so long as the other client has the BBM app installed and activated.

At MWC 2015, BlackBerry has announced this new BBM Protected feature given that you a leg up on your comnpetition, while protecting you and your customers, partners, and persons from costly data security breaches. Yet, most enterprises still overlook secure mobile messaging, exposing their data to all sorts of vulnerabilities. BBM Protected offers an enterprise-grade security instant messaging service with all features of cosnumer IM app, the hardening of on-premise security together with the convinience of a cloud service.

By means, all the messages are encrypted preventing ‘man in the middle’ hackers attacks, probviding greater security than competiting encryption schemes, and earning BBM Ptotected FIPS 140-2 validation by the United States Department of Defense, says BlackBerry.

Now with the announcement of this week, organizations using BBM Protected can let their employees chat securely using BBM Protected to non-BBM Protected works at other companiesw, or customers. Finally, BBM Protected now enables you to use enterprise-grade secure instant messaging to chat with your clients with no laborious IT setup.

BBM Protected is now available for Android and iOS devices. Visit BBM Protected or contact your BlackBerry Account Manager for a free 30-Day trial.

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