Best Anti-Eystrain App F.lux Gets A Root To Fix On Android

Fans aknowledged the popular F.lux app on iOS, Mac and PC will now be pleased to learn that it’s making a root to Android mobile platform, though a timescale for its official release is as yet being forbidden.

The app, which although takes full control over the warmth setting of a device’s screen, making it less blue and altogether more warm during the evenings in order to aid sleep and eyestrain, is already incredibly popular amongst the enthusiasts community on the Mac, with a Windows version also available to download for those using PCs. Users of iOS gets F.lux if they are using a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, but with Apple building Night Shift into iOS 9.3, F.lux will be out in the cold on that platform very soon.


Now a beta version has hit Android, about to join the collection of operating systems supported by F.lux. No waiting for an official release, will be able to install it sooner by becoming part of the beta build program. Developers seems to have stopped their work out on the beta build which ther were testing internally, but nevertheless, have promised to shift the beta to the Google Play Store’s public beta program soon to make it simplier for all those interested in testing it out.

With Android, F.lux changing the color temperature of you device’s screen depending on the time of day, may potentially notice less eyestrain and users discover improved sleep patterns according to studies, and while initially making everything look far too orange for its own good. F.lux on Android feels like the new norm and other screens that once looked fine will soon appear to be too blue. There’s no doubt of that, there is a period of adaptation.

It’s worth noting that you will need root access on your Android smartphone or tablet in order to make use of the F.lux app. With no official announcement made for F.lux for Android release date, but can only hope it won’t take much time to roll out before the app makes an appearance on the Google Play Store.

Interested ones who can’t wait till F.lux for Android actually hits the Play Store, can check out a F.lux alternative app on Android, which is detailed in this fully-fledged post here.


You can get F.lux for Mac OS X and Windows from

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