All Of The Notifications In iOS 12, Changes, Features, Explained

What’s new in iOS 12? Well, Apple has introduced new notifications features, providing an expanded set of tools for monitoring and managing notifications n quicker and easier ways.

With some customizations and make it easier to clear notifications, you will find no changes to the way that how Notifications work on the whole, but many of these features determine which notifications you really want, and also make adjustments on the fly. Let’s jump into the starting with highlights.

Best New Changes To Notifications In iOS 12 Apple Made Wishlist Of [Highlights]

Grouped Notifications

This has been very anticipated feature iPhone and iPad owners have been asking for the return of grouped notifications for years, and thankfully, in iOS 12, Apple delivered.

Multiple notifications from the same app will be bundled (grouped) together on the Lock screen of the iPhone, cutting down on clutter. You can simply tap to set notification from a particular app to expand them to see all of the notifications in the list.

For example

You can even tap on the “X” next to notifications group to clear all of those notifications at one time or can do the same thing with a swipe to the left for individual clearing of those grouped notifications.

In the Settings app, you can change the behavior of grouped notifications. Go to Settings > Notifications and tap on any app to see the “Notification Grouping” preferences. Tap that to choose “Automatic,” “By App,” or “Off” if you prefer to see all of the incoming notifications for a particular app like Messages.

Automatic sorts by an app for the most part, but when this setting enabled, you might get two notification groups if you have email threads going with two different people in the Mail app or multiple conversations in Messages. Or different incoming Messages conversations, for instance.

By App will make sure all notifications from an app are in the stack, without the sorting that Automatic mode uses.

Instant Tuning

This is one of the features that let you manage a pesky notification right on the Lock screen. Instant Tuning gives you the tools to turn notifications for that app off entirely or send notifications right to the Notification Center.

This is how it works and acts

On any notification that’s on the Lock screen or in the Notification Center when you swipe down, swipe left on a notification to see settings that include “Manage,” “View,” and “Clear All.”

If you want to modify, select “Manage” from this list to see Instant Tuning options. Notifications set to “Deliver Quietly” will be visible in Notification Center. And if you won’t see them on the Lock screen, there will be no banner, and there won’t be a badge, too.

To reverse this action, tap on a notification from the muted app again, follow the simple on-screen instructions, and choose “Deliver Prominently.” Notifications settings can help you, which is also be changed in the Settings app, also accessible from the Instant Tuning pop-up. Turn Off, as the name suggests, turns off notifications for that particular app entirely.

Alternatively, you can also get to your Instant Tuning settings by 3D Touching or long pressing on any notification and selecting the three ellipses. For more unique details on using Instant Tuning, make sure to check out the detailed guide on how to.

Note: In iOS 12, Apple will also send you alerts asking you if you would like to continue receiving notifications from a particular app if you’ve been getting a lot of notifications and haven’t been interacting with them. When this happens, the alert will feature a “Manage” section so that you can access your Instant Tuning settings for that specific app.

Critical Alerts

This is a new type of opt-in notification in iOS 12 that can even ignore your Do Not Disturb settings to send important must-see notifications.

Critical Alerts are limited in scope and are only available for medical and health-related information, home security, and public safety. If a person for instance, who is diabetic might want to set critical alerts for a glucose monitor when blood sugar is low, so that notification will be delivered even if Do Not Disturb is turned on.

These alerts bypass DnD and the ringer switch, and will always pay a sound. They are meant to be disruptive and for that reason, are going to be highly limited to apps that need these kinds of immediate alerts.

Developers with apps appropriate for critical alerts will need to apply for an entitlement that needs to be approved by Apple. Users will be able to turn off critical alerts on a per-app basis separately from other notifications.

Notification Count in Screen Time

Screen Time, Apple’s new feature designed to provide you with the tools to measure, monitor when and how you’re using your iOS devices, keeps track of all of the notifications that apps are sending you, letting you know which apps are the noisiest.

However, this information here can help you decide whether you want to keep notifications turned on for a particular app, or if you might want to mute an app to cut down on interruptions.

Well! You can even get ths section of Screen Time by opening the Settings app, choosing Screen Time, selecting “All Devices,” and then scrolling down to the bottom. You can see your notifications from the last 24 hours or the past 7 days history.

From more on using Screen Time, make sure to check out our Screen Time how to guide and how to on App Limits and Downtime right here.

Richer Notifications

App developers in iOS 12 can build notifications that are able to accept user input, so you can interact with them in new ways, doing more on the Lock Screen without having to open up your iPhone.

With Instagram, if an app sends you a notification that a friend posted, you might be able to view the photo and then add a like all from the notification itself.

In this example, you can tap the heart to like the photo, something that wasn’t possible in iOS 11.

Rich notifications were been part and available in earlier versions of iOS, but Apple removed the limits that previously restricted interactive touches.

Do you think that the changes to notifications in iOS 12 worth? Are there other notification features you’re hoping for in the future? Let us know right in the comments section below.

(Thanks: MacRumors)

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