Best Speech Converter: Google Translate Adds New Languages To Video Text Translation

The Google Translate app already here lets you instantly visually translate printed text in seven languages, and is about to get more powerful. Last month in July, it has been updated by adding dozens of new languages to some of the Translate apps’ most powerful features, and smoothing out the app to make it driendlier to slow connections. What I am today speaking about Google Translator is because my subscriber asked me to do so, well he want the best english to spanish translation tool, and my answer was simple. Google Translator, which is a multilangual service provided by the search giant to translate text, speech, images, or real-time video from one language into another. What you say?

How Do I Use Google Translate Offline on My Phone

The updated version of Google Translation features singnificantly more powerful, letting mobile users translate 37 languages via photo, 32 via voice, and 27 through real-time video. Translation feature called Word Lens and a conversation inclusion that translates bilingual speech in real-time.

The Word Lens on Google Translate lets user point their phone’s camera at a sign or any other text and have it translated into another language, with the translation appearaning immediately on your screen. Unfortunately, it’s designed to work entirely offline, that too without making any quaries to Google servers – helpful to those traveling around Europe and Asia.

Word Lens supports seven languages when it officially launched, but later, after it got an update, now it will be able to translate back and forth in 25 seperate languages, including Czech, Turkish, and Ukrainian. For India, Google Translator converts text into Hindi and Thai but cannot translate back, since the script makes it difficult for the program to resolve individual letters.

Google's free online language translation service instantly translates text to other languages

The new languages includes aren’t built directly into the app, but they’re available as a 2MP modules, which can be downloaded by accessing the languages within the translator app. The updaye will also make speech-to-speech translation easier than ever as the user can use it on a very slow connections. By making more of the translation processes local, the new Translate can run more accurately in the case of an intermittent connection.

Remind you that every day, Translate processes 100 billion words across the globe, and 95% of those translations take place outside the US.

Download Google Translate Desktop Free version from here. For Android phones right here and iOS devices can grab it now.

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