Beware: A New iOS 11 Bug Seriously Allows Unauthorized Access To Your Photos

A new vulnerability has been found on iOS 11 which appears to affect all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running the latest version of the software. Here’s how to fix it and other details regarding the serious iOS 11 bug.

iOS 11.1, 11 Bypass Lockscreen easily

Using a few easy steps anyone can access the photos on an iOS device running the public iOS 11.0.3 final or the iOS 11.1 beta. This flaw was actually discovered by the YouTube channel, iDeviceHelp. And the video clip shows you “how to unlock any iPhone or iPad without passcode iOS 11 access photos and more.”

For that, you need to know the phone number inside of the iPhone (which can be easily found through Siri), call it and then repeat a few steps from the lock screen.

There was KRACK Wifi hack recently, but Apple confirmed the fact that it has fixed that WPA2 exploit in the latest iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS updates. Now that we have another but more accurate bug inside the mobile operating system.

Apple will likely release an update shortly to patch this up, maybe in the next iOS 11.0.4 or iOS 11.1 final update. While the bug isn’t likely to be discovered by someone by accident, it’s still discomforting to know that someone could easily access your private photos. Stay tuned for more.

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