Beware: Fake BHIM Apps Available To Download On Google Play; Here’s How To Confirm Genuine

Although PM Modi’s UPI-based BHIM app has already been downloaded over 3 million times from the Google play Store, but have you encountered with a fake version of the app? Here are full details on how you can spot the right one.

After being settled on the top free Android apps position, BHIM app on the Play Store has also enabled by 500,000 transactions, as per Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant, through his official Twitter account.

However, the app was fast enough when compared to Wallet and PayTM and of course other UPI payment applications. BHIM app allows faster, easier and somewhat secure online payments via smartphone. It was also been confirmed that the app will be arriving on iOS store within ten days and that too in multilingual versions of BHIM.

Developed by National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI), this app supports Hindi and English languages and it’s been made available for download and install on Android. Host of banks are supported that includes; State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Bank of India, Canara Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce and Punjab National Bank, among others.

As the Android app is growing in popularity, the Google Play links are flodded with multiple fake versions of the BHIM app. More than 40 fake versions of the app has been discovered on the Store, but fake versions of BHIM is a bit more serious one that it originally involves in financial transactions and your personal data. Be careful!

Genuine Download Link
When you type ‘BHIM’ on Google Play Store, the authentic app shows up on top of the list but as you scroll down, you’re filled with numerous never endigg fake BHIM apps. Some notable fake BHIM apps include “*99# BHIM UPI Bank No Internet”, “BHIM payment updater 2017”, “Bhim Banking”, “BHIM *99# For All Banks”, “Bhim 2017”, “Bhim All Banking” and the list goes on.

People with confusion has also downloaded thousand times these fake apps and the comments sections appears people have actually used the app for money transfers and payments. There’s still c0omlaints on such fake BHIM apps, saying ther their phone numbers are not registered in the app, and the apps are causing multiple SMS charges and much more.

In a similar manner, some fake BHIM apps were also been available in Hindi language further catching a much larger taqrget in the country. Finally, some people have recognized these fake BHIM apps, and pointed out in the comments section. Alongside these fake apps, there are several other apps which ensure as “guides” to using the BHIM app and there are many troll apps for PM Modi’s BHIM app.

Conclusion is clear and fair, as the first app shown on the Google Play Store is still an authentic BHIM app. It is recommended to download the app directly from the Play Store and not through third-party source. It has been developed and created by NPCI, which can be read in the description. The logo of the app is two triangles placed sideways in green and organe color on the backdrop which is white in color. There is no text in the logo either.

Given the fact in the number of digital transactions post demonetization, chances for the hackers is highly likely. It’s best to be aware of these fake apps and make sure to grab the original BHIM app, and if it’s not developed by NPCI, then, it’s a fake one.

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