BlackBerry Plus Boeing To Release A Self-Destructing Smartphone [Report]

One is the Canadian company which particularly been popular in manufacturing mobile phones and introducing its best BB Messenger service and the other to partner with it would be the Boeing, an aircraft manufacturer decided to build a smartphone of its own. Story today starts with both the company’s together planning to launch a self-destruction smartphone upcoming.

According to the latest report came out when BlackBerry‘s CEO spoke to Reuters, confirming that the two companies have started the development of the Boeing Black phone. Purely based on Android OS, features call encryption is reportedly aimed at government agencies and other types of business where data protection is crucial.

Talking about the call encryption ability isn’t anything new or that hard to come by the other security tech of the Boeing Black phone is far more interesting. Apparently, the Black phone is built which can be able to self-destruct if tampered with, which should eventually provide further security for sensitive data if the phone is stolen of lost.

No particular specifications of the next upcoming Boeing Black phone were briefed, and nor given how the whole self-destructing thing will work or how dangerous it will be for the current holder. Until now we have only got details about the new BlackBerry, Boeing Black phone sports a dual-SIM slot to enable it to access multiple cell networks and can be configured to connect with biometric sensors and satellites. Powered by Android, obviously utilizing the BlackBerry Enterprise Service or BES 12.

It’s imminently being offered by Boeing to its partners though, so its production start shouldn’t take too long, however. Stay tuned and thanks to GSMArena for this precious report.

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