BlackBerry Rumored To Be Releasing An Android-Powered Smartphone This Fall; Reports

It looks like the Canadian-firm BlackBerry is reportedly planning to use Google’s open-source Android platform on its upcoming smartphone. According to Reuters report, this potential move is said to be a part of a pivot to focus on software and device management. If this news becomes true, then we all are going to see a BlackBerry Android smartphone this fall. Sources also told that this doesn’t mean the end of BlackBerry 10, but apparently making a move that signifies the Waterloo company’s dwilling sales. More details regarding BlackBerry on its way bringing Android OS to its next-generation handsets can be found right after this jump.


Reuters also suggests that one of the big reasons for the move is that BlackBerry CEO John Chen is putting its bets on a device management system called BES12, which indeed gives companies the ability to manage not only BlackBerry phone but also Android, iOS and Windows Phone’s on its internal network.

First and foremost implementation of Google’s mobile OS by BlackBerry might be done with the slider device, already tested at Mobiile World Congress a few months ago, which apparently means that this Android phone could launch this coming August, which would at least be contributing an unorthodox form factor to the Android ecosystem. Surprising?

BlackBerry has although filtered with Android in the past. And the BlackBerry 10 relies on emulated Android apps for musch of its library. However, the BlackBerry Messenger app was eventually release on iPhone, iPad, and Android, and BlackBerry has also integrated its security tech into the Knox software on Samsung’s Android devices.

Releasing a full-fledged Android phone could boost BlackBerry’s enterprise credentials by proving that its security and device management software can work on other, more popular platform. For this ti happen, we, you have to wait for the official announcement from the BlackBerry and of course Google as well.

Soon we will be hearing for comment from both the search giant and BlackBerry and will update this post if we get a response. Stay tuned!

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