Bluetooth Headset: LG Launches New Tone Ultra HBS-810 Wireless Headphones

The LG Tone Ultra (HBS-810) Bluetooth Headset is a new iteration from the company and of course be the successor to the last year’s HBS-800 series. The South Korean electronics has recently announced that it has retailed over 10 million LG TONE Series Bluetooth headsets worldwide sine the launch of that series in October 2010. Now that it has officially introduced with a new refreshed version of TONE Bluetooth Headset globally.

Bluetooth Headsets With JBL Sound Effects From LG
LG has also partnered with JBL, one of the best and top of the leading audio equipment maker once again to offer an enhanced audio quality. The new TONE Ultra (HBS-810) has similar behind-the-neck design, which is very unique and comfortable to wear and it has buttons in reach of the fingers.

It features Quad-Layer Speaker Technology that indeed provides improved bass and middle-range tones, and boots overall sound experience through enhanced audio equalizer, said the company. Accordinbg to LG, it also has a new and innovative wire management tech that makes the ear buds completely revoked.

The LG Tone Ultra (HBS-810) Bluetooth Headset will be available in the U.S. first starting from August end, followed later by key markets across Asia and Europe. Pricing and availability details are unknown at the moment, but will be announced locally at the time of iteration. LG is expected to show up its new Tone Ultra HBS-810 with JBL tech at this year’s IFA 2015 consumer event between September 4th to 9th.

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