Apple Planning To Sell Used iPhones In India, Submits Official Application

What Apple believes is that there’s a huge market for the secondary sales of iPhones in India to take advantage of, and looking to grab the pace now by subitting official application. It is being reported that Apple has applied for permission from the Indian government to be able to import pre-owned iPhones into the market with only aim to grab the second-sales market by selling them to customers interested in saving a little bit of money. Make sense? Yes, of course, as there are been big classified ads site already making big in the country, and the main agenda of, Quickr and OLX are for examples have the main share point of pre-sales.


Tim Cook’s company appaers to be an unstoppable stream when it comes to distributing iPhones to retailers and consumers across the globe, so it seems to be more logical to apply the same level of efficiency to used hardware, and in the ongoing steam train, Apple took the decision to grab the secondary sales market of iPhones in India and it did.

The move comes in following a number of reports suggesting that Apple had also been looking into gaining an official retail presence in the country, and the fact that the company has to rely oon authorized resellers in the nation in order to take advantage of the growing demand for smartphones.  Largely due to the fact that India currently has extremely strict real estate and zoning laws that dictate who can and can’t have a retail presence in the country.

Apple submitted a formal request to India’s Ministry of Environment and Forest as part ofthe process to sell used iPhones in the country. Ravi Shankar Prasad, who operates as the Telecom Minister, confirmed the application of Apple’s submission in a written reply to Rajya Sabha of the Parliament of India.


An application from Apple regarding import of certified pre-owned iPhones for sale in India and manufacturing certified pre-owned iPhones for sale in India has been received in the ministry of environment and forests.


It’s a process in expanding Apple’s interest into India that should definitely be taken as a positive one by the Indian Govt. The iPhone-maker has already announced an intention to develop a $25 million site in Hyderabad that will focus on the development of the company’s maps service. Investment would likely result in the creation of 150 jobs approximately, would directly benefit the local economy.

If the Indian governement officially responds to Apple’s latest request to sell used hardware in India, and once approved, then the country would essentially become the first and foremost market to have an official service which offers used iPhones directly from Apple itself.

(Source: Times Of India)

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