Call Of Duty: WWII Screenshots, Exact Date, Other Details Leaked

A new leaked Xbox One cover art confirms the Call of Duty: WWII game will be released worldwide on November 3rd. This comes just after having teased us with the announcement of CoD: WW2 on April 21st.

Call of Duty is of course one of the most popular gaming franchise on the planet with year-after-year success. Continually proved itself the one, as Activision confirmed Call of Duty: WWII as the next title to be released in that series, that’s one going to divide opinion, with some gamers excited about going to the roots of the gameplay, and others who wants the company to keep pumping out modern and futuristic titles with advanced weaponry and experiences.

COD: WW2 Unbox

The publisher behind the Call of Duty franchise during a recent earnings call, Activition, suggested that the next COD release would eventually take the title “back to the roots,” with the inroduction of a World War II version certainly does.

Given the fact that how popular Call of Duty has been over the years, also suggests that gamers have loved what the company has been doing with the modern installments of CoD. With that said, however, there has been a segment of hardcore gamers who have been waiting and almost begging Activision to strip away the modern feel of the game and take it back through the stands of time. Activision has definitely answered that call.

The franchsie won’t have taken this release lightly, but will definitely been listening to what gamers want from¬† a new Call of Duty title, and if Activision executed it correctly, then it would seem that the company will have one of the most popular COD releases on its hands.

To add some more excitement to the title, a number of visual leaks have spotted online confirming that the game appears to be released globally this coming November 3rd. The leaked Xbox One cover art for the game also gives an insight into the experience that will be provided by showing that gamers will be able to fight Nazis across Europe after landing in the title on D-Day.

CoD: WW2 Xbox One cover leaked
Accidentally, a screenshot of the game leaked as well shown off on announcement page before April 26th’s full reveal of the title. However, the gameplay screenshots were taken away immediately, but not before someone managed to “print screen” them.


COD: WW2 Release Date

If your excitement levels are raised, then there isn’t long to wait until we see and find out more about what Activision has planned for gamers.¬† The worldwide Call of Duty: WWII reveal is scheduled already, will take place this coming Wednesday at 10AM PDT. We can expect more to see some additional stunning visuals and gameplay video during that reveal. Stay tuned!

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Update X2: Here’s everything revealed by the two Activision and Sledgehammer games, release date for Call of Duty: WWII, alongside with a video teaser.

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