Want To Manage Your Bank Account With Emoji, Here’s How [Guide]

It appears that we rarely go to bank anymore. All can be done perfectly through online transactions and other with money-trending edifices is via the tiny money-spitting mouths of ATMs (Any Time Money), rather missing the actual human interaction.

Capital One Eno bot for SMS
It’s never we’ll get back the same-level of human-banker contact then, but at least Capital One is giving us a banking chat bot, the first, they claim, SMS-based one in the United States.

And nevertheless it can speak Emoji.

Announced “Eno,” a new text message-based assistant that it suggests if the foremost natural language SMS chatbot from a U.S. bank. On Friday, at SXSW in Austin, Capital One spelled the word “Eno”. Clever bird, isn’t it?

You can ask Eno a banking question via SMS and get useful answers.

Yes, the goal of the SMS chatbot – a platform others companies have recently rolled out for other personal assistant-like functionality, is to allow users to make payments, including checking an account balances, recent transactions, when your next credit card bill is due, credit limits and history and even that impossible-to-remember bank routing number.

You’ll be able to do it immediately and, here’s where the fun comes in, converse in emoji. When Eno tells you that have $25 in yoir savings account, you can send a sarcastic thumbs up emoji and Eno will get you. To make payments, the chat bot can also understand a cash bag emoji. Send one and you get a broader summary of your accounts. Otherwise, can’t wait for Eno can send us a money bag emoji to indicate that were flush with cash, meaning that you’ll be able to ask Eno to check your details and card leftovers, pay bills, and get other account and card information.

Want to check your recent credit card charges? Eno gets it.
Currently, we can’t send money using Eno though, but the company says it’s working on that and other new functions for a future update. Eno, which is free, opens to a limited number of Capital One customers starting March 10th.

Among the other things, Eno can even tell you what it looks like, what’s in its wallet and also share the meaning of life. For example: if you ask, “What In Your Wallet?”, Eno will respond with “I don’ have a wallet, but I did, it would just have pictures of cats.”

As in Capital One, it spelled ‘One’ backwards and made it “Eno”. Also looking for a gender-neutral name with human-like qualities. It would be more important to many giving AI a name that is consisted with Capital One’s mission of bringing humanity to banking. In terms of other names, our name is Capital One, which might sense to have a little fun with at least one part of it.

You can text Eno to ask about:

  • Account balances for your Capital One credit card, checking and savings account
  • Recent transactions for your Capital One credit card, checking and savings account
  • Capital One credit card bill due date
  • Available credit and credit limit on your Capital One credit card
  • To pay your Capital One credit card bill
  • Your account summary
  • Your payment history
  • Your bank routing number

But Eno is not all work and no play. It even recognizes certain emojis: customers can send a “bag of money” for a quick summary of their accounts or send a “thumbs up” to confirm a payment.

For now the Capital One Eno bot is available to a limited number f customers, and will join a waitlist on the product’s webpage here.

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