CarBridge Tweak Lets You Run Any iOS App In CarPlay, Including Waze, Google, Fortnite, Netflix, YouTube, More

Confirmed that the ability to use third-party maps like Waze and Google maps in CarPlay is coming to iOS 12 later in the fall, and if you have a jailbroken iPhone and want to get in on certain action right now, you might rejoice it with a jailbreak tweak called CarBridge, because it’s very much genuine.

Developer Alex Stich has announced the official release of CarBridge for iOS, a new tweak that lets you run any iPhone app in Apple CarPlay. Available now via on Cydia or can directly download from – costing $4,99.

CarBridge Tweak For iOS Released, Lets You Run Waze, Google Maps wide open in CarPlay video

CarBridge tweak allows the running of all manner of things like CarPlay, regardless of any limitations that Apple has tried to put in place before now. With CarBridge, you can even take any app on your jailbroken device and attempt to load it onto your CarPlay supported touchscreen head-unit. Being stuck with Apple’s limited CarPlay app selection is no longer an issue.

What this means is that not only can you use Google Maps or Waze, but also you can play Fortnite or watch Netflix/YouTube, or indeed run just about any application on iPhone, right in the dash of your car.

How does it work? Apps display with their native interface and appear just how you remember them on your phone with the addition of being enlarged for the bigger CarPlay screen size.

For example, while well never going to condone playing Fortnite in a car, though, or watch Netflix or YouTube either, but being able to run something like Waze or Google Maps right now and without having to wait for iOS 12 to ship later this year is always going to get our attention.

Additional tweak features include the Portal app to the third-party apps, which lets you control your connected iOS device’s interface using your head unit. Because, there’s the ability to have two apps open at once, in addition, one for your iPhone and one for the car. You can also bridge official CarPlay apps which gives you the full version of the app on CarPlay.

Right now, the CarBridge tweak is compatible with any jailbroken version of iOS from 10.0 to 11.4, which should cover most bases. This tweak lets you directly view your iPhone’s display and control it with touch. Joystick-only CarPlay users can also launch the Portal app but can only view the phone from the car.

If you recently done successfully your iPhone liberation using Electra (you can still jailbreak it on iOS 11.4 beta 3 as Apple still signing that firmware on iPhone X, iPhone 8/7/Plus), then you should technically check out CarBridge as this tweak has been in development for over a year now and really delivers on what it says.

Last but not least, Apple’s CarPlay continues to gain traction and this is unlikely to really move the needle on CarPlay adoption. Bot jailbreakers and Apple now realize that the key factor to its success is being able to use more third-party apps while behind the scene. This new tweak is a prime example of that and we look forward to seeing what Apple offers for CarPlay users moving further.

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