Case Maker Olixar Expects iPhone SE 2 Will Feature A Notch, No Home Button and Face ID Casts Doubts

Every time when a new iPhone product is on the horizon the only best sources of information tends to be phone case makers. This story is something related to the same as they receive information either directly from Apple or via their own industry sources in order to prepare themselves to start designing and building cases ahead of a new phone’s launch.

With that in mind, the case maker Olixar builds a case for what the iPhone SE 2 will look like. That’s exactly what it claims today. Sharing images, Olixar is advertising iPhone SE 2 screen protectors and even went so far as to share schematics which it received from Chinese factory sources.

Although Apple’s second-generation iPhone SE could feature an iPhone X-esque design with a notch, if a sketchy rumor is to be believed, but Face ID is unlikely. Reason behind this to counter is because, we have obtained renders and alleged dimensions of the new iPhone SE from case maker Olixar, via online accessories store Mobile Fun, that suggests the device’s notch will be approximately half as wide as the one on the iPhone X, almost certainly making it too slim to house facial recognition sensors.

If these schematics are accurate then it would appear that the iPhone SE 2 will not only feature slim bezels just like the iPhone X but will also include a notch at the top of the display.

The renders which we’re told were “obtained from a reliable source” in China, also suggest the new iPhone SE will feature a display that stretches nearly edge to edge surrounded by an aluminum shell with flat sides and chamfered edges, akin to the current model and iPhone 5s.

Olixar’s technical drawing of new iPhone SE with alleged dimensions

With an alleged length of 4.7-inches and width of 2.1 inches, the iPhone SE 2 would be slightly smaller than the current model, remaining suitable for one-handed usage but with a larger display thanks to the fuller-screen design.

This is not the first time the suggestion of an iPhone SE 2 notch has been floated. The schematics do also show a device with no Home button though, so we do find ourselves wondering how authentication would work if there is no Face ID or Touch ID included.

This alone has us skeptical of these recent leaks, but with the iPhone SE 2 expected to be announced in a matter of weeks at WWDC in June.

(Sources: VenyaGeskin1 [Twitter], MacRumors)

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