Here’s A $4500 iPhone X With A Solar Charger Attached On The Back

Apple’s iPhone X is obviously the best selling smartphone in the world right now, which has a design already been copied by many phone makers, such as the newly announced OnePlus 6 smartphone. But we’re not speaking about its copycats, instead, a Russian accessory maker named Caviar has started selling a solar-powered version of the iPhone X – going for $4,500 expensively.

Caviar is branding the solar-powered iPhone X “Tesla” and it initially announced its plans back in November.

Tesla Limited Edition iPhone X Solar Case

Since the designer neither makes iPhones nor Teslas, the iPhone X Tesla’s functions aren’t built directly into the device. Instead, the iPhone X Tesla is otherwise, a pretty thick phone case that attaches directly to the device, with a solar panel on the rear that powers a secondary battery unit for additional juice.

The same maker also claims the case has IP67 water and dust resistance, and not water-or-dustproof. This would be Caviar’s first unit of the iPhone X Tesla case that has the engraving, “Made on Earth by Humans.” in honor of when Elon Musk sent a Tesla Roadster into space abroad a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket back in February. Each unit will be getting its own production number, and Caviar says it’s only making 999 units currently.

For $4,555, you can get your hands on the iPhone X Tesla with 64GB of storage (the phone is included with case), and for $4,805, you will get the 256GB model.

Notably, since it’s imported from Russia, there may be additional taxes and duties, all inclusive in the terms and conditions. If you’re more of a Vladimir Putin fan than an Elon Musk fan, Caviar has also made a $2500 Nokia device, as well as a $3,000 Apple Watch worthy of Putin himself.

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