cCloud TV Would Be The Alternative For “Netflix for Pirates” Popcorn Time For Live TV

There’s nothing legal about the cCloud TV, a service that pirates live streaming of movies and televistion stations allowing users to stream them to a wide range of devices for free of charge. It was Popcorn Time for iOS, has managed to achieve 1.1 million downloads on the non-jailbreak devices, and today, it won’t stop audiance from using youngservice for as long as it can keep its servers up though. Team behind the Popcorn Time substitute announced on Sunday that users can now stream more than 50 channels of live telecast through cCloud TV, which includes HBO, ESPN, AMC, TBS, Showtime and more to the iPhone and iPad.

Best part here is on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, cCloud TV does not require any jailbreak or even need any installation of any additional apps, why, becuase cCloud TV works directly from your Web browser. Great on top!

Privacy concerned, it is a holy grail; Live TV, streaming to any device for free and finally here is that, now it’s impossible to tell how long this cCloud TV services and manage to keep its service up running. Considering how proactive broadcast networks have been in pursuing services that could potentially impact their revenue streams.

Furthermore, people who uses cCloud TV without paying TV package now got full access to additional 50+ channels of live streaming. Works right from the web browser, and cCloud TV is available on a wide variety of devices including PC, Tablets, Roku boxes and even Nintendo’s Wii U. Now announced that the service from cCloud TV will also work with the devices that runs iOS firmware, iPhone, iPad etc.


No hacks needed to access cCloud TV or even you will not require any install of app. Simply navigate to this link here on your iDevices and choose “smartphone” from the list of devices. You will then be presented wth a list of all channels available to stream live. Tapping on one will quitely open the video feed.

CCloud TV channels which can be streamed live right now for free: “HBO, Showtime, ESPN, AMC, CNN,TBS, MTV, TNT, Comedy Central, FX etc.” For the quality streaming, the cCloud TV service team is working to improve and also planning to add extra channels to the live streamer.


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