Change WhatsApp Chat Wallpaper On Your iPhone, Here’s How Simple

What’s up now is all about WhatsApp and is available for free download on PC, Mac OS X, Android and iOS devices, as it is also gone live for Web users which can sync between smartphones, tablets and desktops through WhatsApp Web application. It never leaves you as an user alone and always be connected with your family and friends, as well as groups. WhatsApp does show up the same old fashioned interface, which may give you some dull moments. For that fix, here’s a simple solution, now that you can change your WhatsApp chat wallpaper on your iPhone the perfect way.

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How to make your WhatsApp chat more unique by changing wallpaper through your iPhone is the point there. Now, you can even spice up conversations with your beloved ones with awesome and colorful backgrounds. Althogh, Apple there provides a few list of built-in wallpapers to change every day; you can also use one of your desired photos already saved in Photos app. Step-by-step guide on this method.

Changing WhatsApp Chat Wallpaper On your iPhone

Step 1: Download WhatsApp for iOS from here, if you haven’t have one installed.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step 3: Tap on Settings (from the bottom menu bar) – Tap on Chat, later.


Step 4: Once there, Tap on Chat Wallpaper.


You will see two options. One is Wallpaper Library and Photos App. You can also import walls from your iPhone’s Wallpaper Library or from Photos app directly.


Step 5: Tap on any of two options. Choose Wallpaper Library, it will get default wallpapers provided by Apple. Going to alternative option, Photos app, is better for now. Once done, you can zoom in with the help of Perspective Zoom feature. Preview it along with some mock chat messages. It also gives you a clear picture on how the wallpaper would look in real time. More wallpapers can be found by swipe left or right action, which will show you plenty of wallpapers from the Library.


Step 6: Finally, tap the Set button to change the background of WhatsApp chat on your iPhone.

That’s it! By using stock Apple wallpapers and Camera Roll Photos, you can change wallpapers of WhatsApp Chat on iPhone.

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