2018 Cheaper 9.7-Inch iPad Model To Support Apple Pencil

Apple’s most rumored low-cost iPad will not support the Apple Pencil? The assumption may say that, keeping the accessory as an iPad Pro-only option. Now, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this fancy may not be the case at all.

On March 27, Apple is going to host an event in Chicago, Illinois, where they are concerned a field trip that will show off new education-focused ideas, in which there might be quite a bit to look forward to.

Rumors already speaking about Apple announcing a new cheaper iPad during the education event it will be happening next week, and with Bloomberg reporting the same thing today, we now have more faith than ever in there being a new 9.7-inch iPad tablet on the horizon.

If otherwise, expected that new tablet is coming with a cheaper option than any currently available, the belief may be that it will not support the Apple Pencil, but it’s not the case now.

Kuo says expectations are that Apple Pencil shipments will rise to up to 10 million units this year, with his declaration being that the increase in sales will be down to the fact that “the new low-cost iPad may support Apple Pencil.”

The analyst has weighed in on the upcoming event, also suggested that the new iPad might have at least one must-have trick up its sleeve. As reported today, Apple is planning on bringing Pencil support to the newer, cheaper model of 9.7-inch iPad. As such, Kuo believes that Apple Pencil shipments will rise through this year. He also assumes that the new 9.7-inch iPad supporting Apple’s stylus will be held drive a new push in Pencil sales.

The theory is that the inclusion of Apple Pencil support will allow Apple to better differentiate the low-cost device from similarly priced Android tablet:

Strong demand for low-price 9.7-inch iPad in 2017. iPad shipments hit 43.8mn units in 2017, well above the 35mn units forecast by the market at the beginning of the year. The primary driver was the low-price 9.7-inch model, whose selling points are competitive pricing and a significantly larger panel than those of six- to seven-inch smartphones (iPad mini was a flop because it was replaced by large-screen smartphones). In a bid to strengthen its selling points and to differentiate it more from low-priced Android tablets, the new low-price 9.7-inch iPad (starting mass production in 2Q18) will likely support Apple Pencil.

Up next to speak of, the rumor mill regarding the new, cheaper 9.7-inch tablet has been pretty quiet, with hints suggesting the new iPad will offer minimized bezels and no physical Home button. However, there’s hasn’t been any legit hints that the new device will support the Apple Pencil. Or, there’s still no suggestion at this point that Apple is planning on launching this new tablet as a cheaper iPad Pro option.

The inclusion of Apple Pencil support in Apple’s unannounced new iPad would of course make plenty of sense given its arrival at an education event, especially one with an invitation that would obviously appear to be testing something Apple Pencil-like relatively.

The subject of Apple Pencil support on a cheaper iPad appears to be a hint at the possibility directly. The event invites went out earlier this month for March 27 Spring “Field Trip” includes the Apple logo front-and-center, which was very clearly drawn with the Apple Pencil.

If not the safe bet is that the event will include news of a new, cheaper iPad, but also that the Apple Pencil will support that device, too. If the new iPad does cost the rumored $259, then it would most certainly represent the least costly way to get into the Apple Pencil to date.

(Via: MacRumors)

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