Want To Check If Your iPhone Is Brand New Or Refurbished Model, Here’s How [Tricks]

Here’s how to check whether your iPhone or iPad is brand new, or a replacement unit, or even could be a refurbished model. There’s no additional installations or software required to obtain this tricky information.

This question arises when you have purchased a device through a secondary sales channel and then subsequently wondered if we are actually getting what we have been told.

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Where Apple’s iPhone is concerned, we all are able to purchase a brand new or a refurbished device/model. This makes the difference and affects what we are willing to pay for a brand new phone and for a refurbished device. With this little feat, you will be able to quickly fix the type of device on offer. Let’s take a look at the process.

Step 1: First and foremost, you’ll need a device fully charged, powered up, and also ready-to-use. Once that’s hands-on, launch the native Settings app.

Step 2: There’s no additional third-party apps or software required for this. Once in Settings, head over to General > About. Where a lot of relevant information about your device is located.

Step 3: Scroll down through all of the provided information until you see the label which gives you the device’s “Model number. This will give you a unique number pertaining to that device which either begins with ‘M’, ‘F’, or ‘N'”, and then followed by a series of letters and numbers.

Step 4: If your device’s Model number starts with the letter “M”, then it is a brand new device. If that shows the letter “F” then it is a refurbished device. And if your Model number starts with a letter “N”, it’s a replacement device.

  • M: Brand new device
  • F: Refurbished device
  • N: Replacement device.

Extremely quick and easy to recognize what type of device you are currently in ownership of. If you are planning on buying something through secondary sales channels, and you are presented with the opportunity to take a look at the Model number, or you can get an unedited screenshot from the seller, then it’s a really good and quick way of discovery if that person is being honest about the type of device that is being sold.

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