Here’s iOS 11.3 Final Release Notes, Features, Changelog All In One Place

Apple has officially released iOS 11.3 final version download links into public domain, meaning that all compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch owners can now install the latest version of iOS through OTA or manually using IPSW links.

Announced iOS 11.3 back in January of this year, and now, thanks to Apple’s accompanying release notes, you can also get an intricate look at what actually included with the release.

Like most sizable firmware releases, iOS 11.3 has been through what feels like an extended period of pre-release testing with testers and registered developers prior to it actually getting into the hands of the public.

That internal and external testing has proved in Apple’s engineers and quality assurance teams deeming iOS 11.3 in a stable enough position to release into the public domain. It also meets the quality and assurance that devices owners can start taking advantage of all of the features and improvements therein.

Now, what do you have with iOS 11.3? Just what can iPhone and iPad owners take advantage of? First of all, there’s an improvement to Animoji, including almost 13+ refined facial mapping capability and additional fun characters to interact with, including a stunning dragon and an awesome looking Unicorn with a multi-colored rainbow horn.

Of course, Apple added a new Business Chat feature in which is available to consumers in Canada and the United States. Incidentally, this feature is also accessible through the iMessage app in macOS 10.13.4.

There have been some changes made by Apple to frameworks in the iOS 11.3 SDK, including ARKit and HealthKit. The new ARKit changes ensure that developers are now able to build augmented reality apps and experiences which includes advanced vertical wall detection and placing items in a variety of new and immersive ways.

Additionally, the iPhone maker also used iOS 11.3 to stay true to a Tim Cook promise regarding additional visibility on Battery Health and that throttling of performance fix when a degraded battery is detected in a device. For a full, intricate look at the what’s new, you can simply check out the official Apple release noted listed below.


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