Samsung Galaxy J7 With Dual Camera System Spotted As Chinese Model

It seems like the Chinese version of Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) model allegedly has a dual camera setup, according to this leaked photo. Here are the details.

Over the past few weeks, we have been hearing about quite a lot of rumors predicting Samsung is apparently working on a dual camera setup for some of its upcoming devices, including the Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy C10, Galaxy J7 (2017) and the Galaxy C7 (2017).

Rest of the world already received an upgraded version of Galaxy J7 (2017) that was released with a 13MP single snapper on the back. But today’s purported Chinese version spotted with a dual-rear camera system. Thanks to a duo of pictures taken in the wild we may get our first look at the China-bound Galaxy J7 (2017) variant. While these new images comes from the same reputable source, so it’s worth nothing that.

In the recent times, some images of what is believed to be of the upcoming Galaxy J7 (2017) were surfaced online giving us a glimpse of the dual camera setup on the device. It has a Samsung logo with a dual camera and LED flash on top of it.

The design language isn’t too different compared to other Samsung devices, but again, at least there’s one change which was not available before. Several other phone manufacturers have released devices with dual cameras and it’s good to see that the Korean electronics is now jumping on the bandwagon.

As it can seen from the leaked images, the phone in the picture looks very similar to the Galaxy J7 (2017) which put aside from the antenna lines on the back, which are straight.

The only difference between the global variant of the Chinese Galaxy J7 (2017) would be the model coming with a dual camera system. No words or any specifications for the upcoming device has been discussed, but predicted to be announced in the near future. Stay tuned for more!



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