Chrome OS 64 Beta Allows Android Apps To Run Parallel In The Background

In order to run Android apps smoothly on Chrome OS has been a work in progress for years now. With Chrome OS 64 beta, Google is planning to bring in a new desktop-friendly feature that will let you do so in parallel.

Google has also done a lot to improve the experience of running mobile apps on its browser-based operating system, which it appears a forthcoming software update could fix the remaining problems. A new report by Chrome Unboxed details a new feature in Chrome 64 beta called Android Parallel Tasks, this lets Android apps run continuously in the background even when you’re actively using another program.

Android Parallel Tasks makes Android apps work more like regular PC programs

The aforementioned feature has been spotted in Chrome OS 64’s developer menu in Android Preferences which on enabling lets Android apps behave like fully-fledged desktop apps.

Point to be noted that, Google’s Chrome OS has always allowed users to have multiple programs open at one time, including ChromeOS and Android applications. But the only issue was that Android apps pause when you click or tap out of their windows. This means, the app essentially stops working until you again tap back into it to continue using the program.

And yes, there are some exceptions like Spotify, which continues to play music even when you’re not actively using the app, but other programs pause all actively until you resume using them.

Prior, Android apps when running on Chrome OS behave the way they actually do when running on a mobile phone. As said, they get paused when not on the main screen or in focus. In Desktop, this same feature becomes quite annoying if you were expecting the apps to be up and running in the background. Now that this is going to change once Google rolls out Android Parallel Tasks feature in the next major OS update.

This makes sense for smartphone apps, at the same time it doesn’t translate well to a desktop. On a traditional PC, one expects to be able to open multiple programs and have them all running continually. Chromebooks, such as Google’s expensive Pixelbook, couldn’t do that with Android apps. Though it appears Android Parallel Tasks fixes that issue. Each program or app that you have open will run continuously until you manually pause it or close it entirely.

Here’s How Android Apps Running Parallel On A Chromebook

When speaking about its functionality, once the feature is enabled, apps start running in parallel. And will continue to stay running in the background even when it is not in focus. Chrome OS 64 is still in beta, so it’s unclear when Android Parallel Tasks will come to the operating system as a finished feature. Since the feature is in high demand and appears to work well in practice, hopefully, Google will include it in the final version of Chrome OS 64.

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