Chromecast Owners Get 3-Months Free Spotify Premium Subscription Right Now, Here’s How

Users of Google’s Chromecast can now take full advantage of an offer that sees almost 90 days of Spotify Premium for free without shelling a single penny from your pocket. Think about how many times you can listen to your favorite new albums then!

Google’s Chromecast allows users to throw video and audio from a compatible smartphone or tablet onto a television screen, which is somewhat similar to Apple’s AirPlay technology. Owners of Chromecast can redeem their full quarter of free Spotify Premium, but for those wish their music with a more Goole-slant to it can also choose to take advantage of a similar offer, which being allowed to receive three months of free Google Play Music. Whichever of the two options you opt for, you can’t really go wrong as far as we can see.


This is how Chromecast let users liberate content from their mobile devices and the dongle itself plugs into an empty HDMI port on any television and then turns it into a Smart TV while being offered apps as well as the oft-mentioned streaming of content from a hardware device or from Google Chrome on Windows and OS X via the Chromecast browser extension.

Although Google is offering two second-generation Chromecasts for $50, which is the hardware bargain in itself. Just after you get idea on the Chromecasts receiving a three months of either Spotify Premium or Google Play Music, it’s cheaper to buy the Chromecast and use the free access than it is to play for ninty days-worth of either. Worth to note is the next time your subscription is up for renewal.

One of the fastest growing areas in consumer electronics right away is that of the ‘connected TV device’. Even more eye catching is the extent of which Google dominates the external connected TV streaming device – Chromecast. Bagged a huge 35% market share against its arch rivals from Apple AAPL -0.85%, Roku and Amazon. In the third quarter show that from a total global sale of 9.2 million digital media streamer units of Chromecast. Crushes the sales of the new 4th generation Apple TV box and new 4K-capable Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV boxes.

Google’s offers are part of the Black Friday sales event that takes a lot of the planet by storm over the ThanksGiving weekend. If you really need a Chromecast or two or simply want to cheap access to streaming music, you can do worse than picking a shiny new Chromecast today.


To get 3-months offer, head over to this Google page and grab your free Spotify Premium or Google Play Music subscription here, Cloud storage increased to store 50,000 more Songs. This offer is valid for both first-generation and second-generation Chromecast models.

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