Claim Here: iOS 9.2 Jailbreak By Pangu Team Is On Its Way, Sketchy Rumor

Jailbreaking iOS devices is and will always be a big high-tech game between Apple and jailbreaker, contantly trying to outsmart Apple in favor of jailbreaking their iPhones and iPads. Those who come up with the jailbreaks in the first place are always trying to be one step ahead of Apple, using exploits in iOS in order to achieve and open it up for use with Cydia tweaks and other jailbreak apps. Of course, it make sense when you consider jailbreaking iPhone or iPad in the way you can gain access to a jailbreak store to get apps almost free of cost, rather than paying for it at iOS App Store.

Cydia on iOS 9.2 jailbroken iPhone 6s
Now that Apple has released iOS 9.2 download, and not just one release away from a version of iOS that could be jailbroken, but two. Neither iOS 9.1 nor iOS 9.2 can be jailbroken currently. With those two iOS versions being only ones that Apple currently signs for verification, things are very blur on the jailbreak front.

Nevertheless, now it seems to be a clear note that some people believe that Pangu, one of the teams known-perfectly for providing jailbreaks and the tools for carrying themout, already has a jailbreak that works with both iOS 9.1 and iOS 9.2. Pangu could have released it as a jailbreak even while the iOS 9.2 betas were being tested, but held off so as to not tip their hand to Apple. Company that doesn’t like their IPSW be jailbroken. By waiting until iOS 9.2 was publickly available, Pamgu ensured that Apple wouldn’t plug any security holes that it needed in order for a jailbreak to work.

If this story is to be believed, then a Panju jailbreak for iOS 9.2 is coming very soon, though it’s also worth mention that nobody from the team is suggesting that a jailbreak is on the horizon and that rumors are nothing more than speculations, guesswork most of the time. Within no time, we can think of a few people that would love to see iOS jailbreak again.

Hopefully, that won’t be too far away.


(Source: @EverythingApplesPro [Twitter])

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