Renders Show What The Rumored Curved iPhone Concept With Touchless Control Could Look Like

A new report by Bloomberg claimed that Apple is planning on developing an iPhone with a curved display that takes advantage of “hover” gestures earlier this week which would be introduced in 2020. Following the news, designer Martin Hajek has released a number of renders in which he gives some ideas of what this concept could look like should a real product be announced.

Actually, the original Bloomberg report covers two projects within Apple. One of those relates to the potential for using “air gestures,” which would allow for an iPhone to be interacted without the need for physical contact to be made.

Otherwise, the current iPhones already featuring a mildly curved display, but the Bloomberg report suggests that an iPhone with a vertical curve could also be in the works, making the purported phone look very much like Nokia’s 8110, a phone that will forever be known as the phone used in The Matrix.

Apple is also developing iPhone displays that curve inward gradually from top to bottom, one of the people familiar with the situation said. That’s different than the latest Samsung smartphone screens, which curve down at the edges.

The renders produced by Hajek showcases just what a curved iPhone concept could look like, complete with a sliding panel that would eventually cover part of the device when it is not in use that lends to that Nokia feel.

Nevertheless, these renders look great and are certainly fun to check out, the changes of an iPhone looking anything like what we see here are extremely slim and gorgeous.

If Apple is considering producing an iPhone with a curved screen and take advantage of all aforementioned components and tips, then it would come in even close to resembling a Nokia phone from the late 1990’s.

(Source: iDropNews)

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