Apple Branded Over-The-Ear Headphones Concept Shows Everything

We already have Apple’s in-ear headphones in the form of AirPods available now, but what makes sense is that the company is launching a slightly bigger pair of wireless headphones. More in line with Beats products. Here’s a new concept design os that curated by The Apple Post reveals what exactly these over-the-ear headphones could look like.

Sort off, only being a concept, it’s a very convincing one from. If Apple really taking this route, then there’s no doubt that this could be the design we’ll end up seeing. But the facts, that the creators of the render mention that Apple will want to take a “simple yet stylish” approach with this kind of product.

Essentially, they also further mention – “Our concept is completed with premium tanned leather wrapping around the two audio chambers of the headphones to cushion the ears of the listener creating a truly luxurious listening experience.”

Over-The-Ear Headphones?

When you have a closer look at the design outed today is having a slightly different from conventional over-the-ear headphones. The cushions appear firm and bulky, which will play a crucial role in preventing sound from leaking out of the cups. Technically, the headphones apparently look bizarrely similar to Beats Studio Wireless headphones.

Although it doesn’t quite make any sense for Apple to launch a dedicated over-the-ear headphone in the presence of Beats products line. If Apple really were to launch over-the-ear headphones for the market, we would definitely want it to look like this, because it’s the best concept design. What do you think?

[Via: The Apple Post]

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