How To Take Control Over Plex Media With Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant

Here’s How you can now control your Plex Media server and the whole library of movies, tv shows and music within using Amazon’s Alexa Voice Assistant is detailed.

The AI battle over your living room is becoming a tad more intense. It’s been a busy week for the team behind the Plex media streaming software, has announced that it had acquired news streaming service Watchup, and now it is making it even more easier to start watching something thanks to the addition of the new skill for Amazon Alexa.


In fact, it does matter you that more than just simple playback control, Plex’s new Alexa skill adds easy recommendations and much more. As said, you can now access all your favorite films, channels and audio via Plex using only your voice, but the functionality however, doesn’t end here. If you keep abreast of the home automation market, and in particular those devices that can be controlled with voice, then, it feels something like Amazon’s Alexa is taking over. Amazon has placed a lot of importance in its own voice assistant of late, with the growing collection of hardware manufacturers integrating Alexa into their wares.

The newly released Plex skill for Amazon Alexa instantly offers the type of functionality and power that you would expect from what will essentially getting a voice-controlled media experience into your rooms life. The skills also brings support for recommendations, for example; if you want to listen to a few songs but can’t decide what to play, you can simply say “Alexa, ask Plex to suggest some music to listen to.” Alexa will then offer up a suggestion, which you can play by saying “yes”.

Rather than having to pick up a remote and fiddle with buttons and menus, a user can simply invoke Alexa on a compatible device and give a command like “Alexa, tell Plex to play The Walking Dead,” or even a specific command such as “Alexa, ask Plex to suggest anything to watch“. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Plex is an amazing piece of media server software that’s been very popular solution for those who love movies and music. Plex has made an official announcement of a new Alexa Skill that allows Plex users to use Alexa to suggest and play their formats using Amazon’s voice assistant. Fortunately, the new integration can help you there, as you can ask “Alexa, what’s new?”.

To get started, you’ll need to have the Plex Media Software installed and running on a supported device in your home and of course, that won’t be much use if you haven’t pointed it toward some of your media, interaction up and running, and to fire audible commands at Alexa to be transposed across to a Plex media server, a user will need one of the following pieces of hardware; an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Fire TV, Fire Tablet, or Tap, along with Plex Media Server setup and a Plex client app installed on either an Amazon Fire TV, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, iOS, PlayStation 4, Plex Media Player, Plex Web App, Roku or Windows.Windows Phone device. While Xbox 360 and Xbox One are not currently supported though, Plex tells us that the support for both will be added in the coming future.

Amazon Echo main set

Assuming this is taken care of, just tell Alexa to enabled the skill, and follow the prompts to activate your account. Once this is done, tell Alexa to “open Plex” and you will be all set to start streaming the the voice commands. Notably, to have this user must also be signed into the Plex account via one of the supported Plex client apps on the aforementioned supported platforms, following the guide above, and with that app being active and running on the device comfortably.

The Alexa skill already offers plenty of functionality, but the company isn’t done yet. In the demo video announcing the new skill, Plex co-founder and head of product Scott Olechowski says “I can assure you, this really is just the beginning of the things that Plex will do with voice control.”

In order to start using Plex on your PC and other devices. Complete  list of commands, instructions on how to set up Plex with Amazon Alexa, and the limitations to learn of such a setup, can be found at the source below.

(Source: Plex)

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