Cortana For iOS Is Now Rolling Out To Beta Testers

Following the beta release of its assistant for Android and as expected, Microsoft has began rolling out the first build of Cortana to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. Although the digital assistant app is being distributed via Apple’s TestFlight, just like how Mozilla Firefox made available recently, and potentially means the pool of testers is limited to just 2,000 participants.

Sign-ups for Cortana for iOS Beta Program are now open
So, the Microsoft has begun rolling out a beta version of Cortana for iOS – a rival to Apple’s Siri and Google Now. This move from the Redmond-based software giant is making it available on competing mobile platforms and Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile as well. Since, it’s only a small number of people will actually get to test it, since TestFlight releases are usually pretty limited.

Sign-up for public Cortana beta for iOS was started earlier this month and today the Windows maker has started its services. Original survey indicated that Cortana for iOS would be available in the U.S., and China. Registered users of testing Cortana iOS app has now some of those people are starting to receive emails with download instructions.

Cortana offers to do daily tasks like sending emails, scheduling events, keep track of your schedule, delivering reminders when you need them. For iOS, Cortana can answer your voice queries, as well as manage your schedule, reminders, and alarms. It is able to track things too, such as flights, stocks, packages, and sports scores. You can even set a reminder on your home PC, and you’ll be notified about it on your iPhone afterwards.


Final version of Cortana for iOS is expected not so soon, which could take some time for the official Microsoft release.

(Source: TechCrunch)

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