Cortana Voice Assistant For Windows 10 Shown Off In Action [Video]

Microsoft’s new desktop OS “Windows 10” is all set to release some time next year, and there are a number of new features which the Redmond-based company still hasn’t officially announced as yet. With Cortana being one of the best voice assistant, which is one of the unrevealed features though. A newly surfaced video shows us for the first time on what Cortana will be capable of and how on Windows 10 works.


Demonstrated in the video, is by no means a finished feature, and of course you might think that the UI leaves a lot to be desired. However, that will obviously change with the final version release of Windows 10 as well, where Cortana will be more than just a demo inclusion.

Cortana in Windows 10, is set to offer all those functions that it already delivered for the Windows Phone OS. Reminders, Skype calls, adding events to Calendar, setting alarms, checking locations / maps, Weather, launching apps et al., are all features that Microsoft plans to include for the desktop version of Cortana as well, finally.


It’s being a demo feature though, Cortana is limited to actually being primetime in her current state. Whereas Cortana will process your voice commands, when it comes to for instance adding events to your week chart (calendar), she will eventually lead you on but prompt an error when an actual calendar entry is about to be made. While in her current form, Cortana is not interfaced with the Internet or Servers.

You can’t make small talk with Cortana for now, in her current form and if so you ask her questions like “What are you doing” of “How are you?” or Who are you?“, you will be shunned away. According to WinBeta, Cortana was able to easily understand all the commands thrown at it as seen in the video, but don’t expect Microsoft’s voice assistant to be on the chatty side like Apple’s SiRi.


In order to activate Cortana, apparently, you will need to hit a ‘Start Listening’ button, and there is no hands-free way to go about it. Wait for the voice-activation with the final Windows 10 release, and stay tuned to TechGiri, so that we will have to wait and see whether Microsoft gives us that ability soon.

(Source: WinBeta)

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