Cydia Alternative Installer 5 Beta Release Date Announced

From the past year continuing this year covering the news about the AppTapp team working on a Cydia alternative called Installer 5. What is it? When it comes to getting apps onto a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, Cydia is one of those important and must installer to download and installed modified apps and tweaks. The first is the App Store with the other obvious choice being Cydia, the jailbreak store has been around since jailbreaking became popular.

There is a third option that was first mooted towards the end of 2017. Installer 5, an alternative Cydia app store for jailbroken iPhones and iPads was confirmed as being under development. Now, developer AppTapp team announced they will be releasing the first developer beta of Installer 5 on May 22.

Alongside the first beta version of the jailbreak app store, this will also be the first time anyone has seen the newly redesigned interface. With Installer 5, the team is hoping to win back Cydia users with a completely overhauled interface and other features. Importantly, Installer 5 is also said to be a “self-contained project,” meaning that it can be updated to work on future versions of iOS in double quick time.

With Cydia, the problem is that it requires being updated by Saurik everytime a new jailbreak is released. Installer 5 aims to fix that error for good reason as it does not rely on any dependencies which means it can be easily and quickly updated to support any new jailbreak. This first developer beta of Installer 5 comes after months, which otherwise, remains to be seen whether this latest iteration will repay the faith those fans have shown in it. But as a quick teaser shared by the developer back in December would suggest, things look rosy over in Installer 5 land.

Installer was the very first jailbreak app store after Cydia having taken the market by storm. What Installer can offer in the iOS 10 and iOS 11 arena is to be seen, and if it’s anything like past versions, we will not be disappointed.

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