It Seems That Cydia Alternative Installer 5 “Close To Completion,” As Per Its Developers

Installer 5, an alternative to the Cydia store for jailbreak tweaks has been confirmed to be coming, and now, it appears it’s getting even closer to the release.

It was last year that seemed like a day could not go by without someone somewhere positing that the jailbreak community was coming to an end. And Apple had not only able to provide the majority of features that jailbreaking offered but had also killed off jailbreaking in general.

But it doesn’t happen like what Apple thought, rather the world of jailbreaking experiencing something of a second wave. Developers and based on Ian Beer of Google’s Project Zero, LiberiOS for iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak launched. The word we received that a new alternative to Cydia was in the works. Installer 5 was confirmed to be on its way a few short weeks ago, and today, we know it is getting closer to release, too.

Simply saying that “Installer is very close to completion.” According to the folks behind Installer 5 shared the good news for all. However, the team behind it does apparently need a hand to get Installer 5 out and into the wild, saying that a new developer was being sought in order to “expedite release.” While the most important part of the announcement was the last sentence.

As per The Installer Team, we should “stay tuned for several important announcements this weekend.” That sounds promising indeed and evident, so stay tuned we shall!

Did you know what exactly is Installer 5? It has said back in December, it’s essentially an alternative to Cydia, though, whether that is otherwise is very much up for debate.

In short, Installer 5 will be a Cydia alternative complete with source management, different packages to install directly to the device, and the ability to manage and update already installed packages. That’s great news for the community but it doesn’t really negate the need for Cydia or Substrate to be updated as Installer 5 doesn’t act as a direct replacement or offer compatibility for packages which rely on a functioning version of Substrate. Some members of the community are even describing it as trying to solve a problem which doesn’t actually exist.

No matter where you stand on the requirement, or lack of one, for Installer 5. It is difficult to not be pleased that some very visible work is going on inside the community again. Stay tuned for a literal and official launch of Installer 5.

(Source: The Installer Team [Twitter])

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