Cydia For iOS 11 Jailbreak Is In The Works, Confirms Saurik

Official confirmation from Jay Freeman Saurik, the Godfather of iOS jailbreaking world says is working on Cydia support for upcoming iOS 11.0-11.1.2 jailbreak.

Saurik says that he is currently losing a lot of money on maintaining Cydia, and to be honest because there hasn’t been a proper public jailbreak for iOS in a long, long time now.

Cydia For iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak

Coming out now! Taking in on Reddit thread, he said: “I never made “millions” and I currently lose a lot of money each month on Cydia. I now have a “day job” where I spend a bunch of my earnings to pay for it (which I then have to balance with Cydia work). I am working on the iOS 11 updates even so because despite people like you always trying to dispell people from thanking me for my efforts, I have managed to maintain my passion for the concept of jailbreaking as I truly believe in the concept.

Now, with an impending iOS 11 jailbreaks based on Google’s Ian Beer’s exploit, lets simply hoping that this jailbreak is anything to be released pretty soon. If it does, this gives Cydia, Saurik and jailbreak community as a whole lot more.

All of we certainly excited to share this story and the prospect of having a flagship device like iPhone X jailbroken again. With Cydia and all of the goodness that jailbreak tweaks bring to it. Aren’t you? Sound off in the usual channel below.

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