Cydia Replacement Sileo For Electra iOS 11.3.1 /11.4 Jailbreak Announced, Here Are The Details

The latest and recent jailbreak release is here, the Electra team behind it has started to really take the jailbreak community to a new world, continues at a pace that we have not seen in quite a time.

The team put into the jailbreaking treat, also replaced legacy jailbreak tweaks and frameworks with its own in an attempt to rid the community of some of the order, less stable pieces of jailbreak software that have become the cornerstone of a scene that stretches all the way back to 2007 and the very first iPhone.

Cydia store installer replacemt Sileo for Electra iOS 11.3.1-11.4 is arriving soon

The latest to add into the mix of all of its kind is Sileo, a new app store installer that was announced by Pwn20wnd of the mentioned Electra team.

Set to replace Cydia Installer by Saurik on all devices jailbroken by Electra in the very near future. Sileo will be the replacement for the jailbreak app store Cydia that itself has been a mainstay of the community. With Cydia, however, is no longer under full support for Electra Team has deemed this to be the time to replace it, and Sileo is the result.

What’s new and interesting about Sileo is that it will work with previous Cydia repositories and packages and that is a vital implementation detail for those jailbreaking. No doubt that potential for a full implemented replacement for Cydia, Sileo does not impact the installations and tweaks that users already have in place is certainly there. With Pwn20wnd saying that the new store Sileo has much the same back end as the Cydia store that it will replace. Even the Cydia purchases will be accessible from Sileo. Check out: iOS 11.3.1 Compatible Tweaks On Cydia For Electra Jailbreak [List]

As soon as we get an exact release date for when Sileo Cydia replacement store will start to be the only option for those using Electra to jailbreak their devices, we’ll indeed let you know. For now, Sileo will be bundled with the next version of the Electra jailbreak, at least, what we know currently.

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