CyrusVIP Installer Brings ++ Apps, Tweaks With No Revokes On Non-Jailbroken Gadgets

Cyrus Installer is one of those free app installers for iOS available to download on the internet web. It has become so popular that can be installed on any no-jailbroken iOS devices. As iOS 11 and above firmware versions have no jailbreak solution at this time, many iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners looking for jailbreak tweaks or so-called ++ apps and tweaks.

Cyrus Installer is one of the best alternative app stores to Cydia. It was available since iOS 10 and also updated to a second version of the excellent Cyrus Installer app.

Essentially, similar to AppValley, TuTuApp Helper, Panda Helper, TweakBox and others, Cyrus was built to be a third-party installation service which offers paid apps for free, modified experiences, and cracked or tweaked platforms which otherwise wouldn’t be available through the official iOS App Store.

Now, you can register for Cyrus VIP within the Cyrus Installer application itself. As a progression of that platform, the team is back with VIP channel, which is also entirely freeware to use. Offers tons of patched apps, and provides an experience with no revokes on non-jailbroken devices.

Of course, many third-party app installers offer a largely similar experience in which they have scrolling interface split up into individual sections and categories. From such perspective, the offering is very typical that you will find the same apps and modified experiences being made available. Cyrus hasn’t really been an exception to that but again the next-generation VIP service is looking to try and change that experience which being touted the most “premium iOS service ever” for non-jailbroken devices.

CyrusVIP offers an extremely clean and minimalistic design. From a feature perspective, rather than trying to baffle users with design and aesthetics, the new Cyrus VIP app is installed outside of the iOS App Store, which nevertheless, focuses hugely on the content within. The user-interface and experience is a testament to that by trying to promote what the developers feel is a “native” experience rather than feeling like a web-based app.

The team behind the CyrusVIP Installer is also banking on the “no revokes. ever” promise to pull in the users who prize this type of experience. Instead of having to download and install apps again and again after a signing certificate has been revoked by Apple, CyrusVIP uses a “different method of signing apps” onto the user’s device to ensure that they don’t get revoked. Otherwise, there’s also a promise of a 99.9% server uptime for VIP users.

If you are one of those interested in trying to experience this type of app installer, and want to see how CyrusVIP is game-changer, can grab the latest Cyrus Installer from here: Register for the VIP experience in-app, or can directly get CyrusVIP from Because the whole platform is free-of-charge, powered by ads and crowd-sourcing, the service needs to decent users base to make this all achievable.

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