Rumor: All 2018 iPhone Models Will Get OLED Display Technology

According to the latest report that’s speaking about Apple would make the jump to an all OLED display set up for all iPhones by 2019. By Nikkei, reporting the fact that this will come almost a little earlier than that. Here are the details.

The two industry sources suggesting this, that all of Apple’s iPhones released in 2018 will feature OLED display technology.

In fact, the move to new display technology a year sooner than had been previously suspected is cause for little surprise. The report also suggests that Apple is looking forward to launch three new iPhones in 2018. The first OLED smartphone Apple is currently expected to offer this year would be the iPhone 8, set to be the new flagship offering with the same edgeless display to arrive in one of the Apple’s smartphones, with other two being LCD-equipped iPhone 7s and 7s Plus.

Apple is planning to use advanced organic light-emitting diode displays in all new iPhone models launched from the second half of 2018, according to two industry sources. One said that Apple is tentatively looking at releasing three new models next year. Apple did not respond to an email seeking comments.

In this case, to make use of OLED display, Apple may go with Samsung as its sole supplier this year, though there is the possibility that this will expand to include additional third parties in 2018. If all three iPhones released in 2018 do include OLED displays, then it would stand to reason that the increased demand would require other suppliers to also come to the party. This year’s LCD displays in 7s and 7s Plus will continue to be provided by JDI and Sharp.

Samsung Display declined to comment. It is unclear whether Samsung will remain the exclusive OLED supplier in 2018 even though other rivals are still struggling to churn out OLED panels for smartphones. Apple usually prefers more than one supplier for a single component. The two companies are also locked in fierce competition in the global smartphone market.

All set to be the biggest release yet, Apple’s 2017 iPhone 8 as the tenth anniversary phone of the original iPhone to celebrate, we expect the new device to pull out everything the stops. Customers will have to pay the privilege of owning an iPhone 8 however, with the phone also set to be the company’s costliest iPhone yet.

(Source: Nikkei)

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