Amazon Go Reinvents Grocery Store: No More Checkouts, No Lines Only Pickup Goods And Walk Out

Oh Amazon. Bless you and determination to make buying groceries less of a job and more of a technical marvel. Amazon Go has been potentially added to the mix for those already thanking you for Prime and Prime Now.

Announced by the company today, Amazon Go is a retail outfit of sorts that would allows buyers to turn up, choose products in store, throw them in a basket and then walk out the door all without ever waiting in line to checkout or actually paying for anything at the cashier.


Of course, it’s Amazon, nothing is for free. Orders will, apparently, be charged when a buyer leaves the store which makes plenty of sense, and products will be added to a digital cart automatically as they are added to a physical one in the store thanks to the magical one of 2016’s biggest buzz word(s) – machine learning.

However, the stores will sell ready-made food, bread and milk, as well as other day-to-day grocery items. Apparently, Amazon claims that its stores will be approximately 1,800 square feet in size which makes them comparatively small beside traditional supermarkets.

Still, this is Amazon so we can ensure there to be some fancy-in-stores logistics going on in order to pack as many products into that footprint as possible.

It’s a new retail concept, Amazon already has its first Amazon Go store located at 2131 7th Ave, Seatle, WA, on the corner of 7th Avenue and Blanchard Street opened to its own employees in beta program, with that said a more public opening scheduled for as soon as early 2017. Whether it will live up to Amazon’s bold action remains to be seen, but grocery products as well as ready-made meals will be available at the stores whenever they open to public with no lines and no check out.

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