Apple’s Classroom App For iPad Requires iOS 9.3 To Download

It was Google that made available Classroom to everyone using the apps for Education account in school or university, and today, with the introduction of new 4-inch iPhone SE (Special Edition), and 9.7-inch iPad Pro, Apple has once again shines through with the immidiate availability of the company’s new Classroom app for iPads running iOS 9.3. Apple was been continually promoting the fact that it has a keen intrest in becoming knwon as an educational innovator in the digital space and proved it by providing in on its App Store.

Although Apple is putting a bit more effort on tools in the hands of educators today with the official launch of the new iPad Classrooms app. The app promises to open up a new, more engaging ways of teaching and learning on the iPad. The Classroom app made a brief visual appearance during yesterday’s Spring 2016 event, and CEO of Apple and its executives, never went into any great detail on the educational app and exactly what kind of experience it would bring to educators and of course the educational sector, is unknown at the moment.

However, the new Classroom app is part of the latest iOS 9.3 education features that Apple has released to allow teachers manage student devices, shre work and assignments, as well as track students’ progress to help them stay on track. The Classroom experience is afterall intended to turn an iPad into a powerful teaching assistant by targeting a number of key areas in the teaching. Guiding students through a lesson, and all aforementioned, tracking the progress in real-time.

It’s more importantly, the Classroom app allows complete management of students’ iPads. Interesting aspects of the app is the luxury of being able to assign shared iPads to students that then allows the teacher in charge to perform a number of tasks directly on those tablets. Any apps, website, or book can also be involved one one or many shared iPad devices by the teacher. The devices can also be locked down by the person in charge to prevent student access to the hardware in classroom. This is obviously more powerful and important in a teaching environment to refocus the attention of learners when necessary.

Multiple students will be able to use the same iPad while making it their own Classroom, customize the experience for them. Teachers can later use Screen View to see what is on a particular student’s screen, or else can overview of all student ipads at once. The app also gets the ability to share content over Apple TV, launch apps and even create groups of students for Classroom projects. The app itself has a really excellent “show and tell” element to it that allows students to be showcased with praise by sharig work on a classroom Apple TV via AirPlay. Can be handled directly by the main teacher iPad running the Classroom app, with students getting informed that their projects is being shown on the TV directly from their own shared iPad.

Additionally, teachers can also keep an eye out of what the students are up to with Screen View, intelligently spying actor. The Classroom app is another step in the right direction in Apple’s plans to capture the hyped educational sector and making iOS a staple part of the classroom teaching experience.

Those teachers interested in acquiring the app, Apple has also published a getting started guidlines. To use the app will require an iPad running iOS 9.3, and will serve a trick a few boxes that make it safe for usable classroom environment, as explained below:

App configuration via Mobile Device Management server
Supervised Student devices enrolled in Mobile Device Management server

You can download the app from the link given below.

(Download: Classroom for iPad from the App Store)

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