Check If Your iPhone 6s Eligible For Free Battery Replacement Using Apple’s Web Tool

Apple has today launched an official web tool to let you find out whether your iPhone 6s is eligible for free battery replacement.

There are certain iPhone 6s models shutting down unexpectedly will be fixed by Apple subsequently setting up a repair program for affected handsets, and will fix  for free if out of warranty. For that Apple has now taken things a step further by releasing the aforementioned tool that lets device owners input their own serial number to see if they are eligible for the program.

Of course, there was an unofficial way of checking this too as we reported about it last week, but there was no guarantee of it being 100% accurate. This Apple tool changes that with an inline serial number checker that hits Apple’s database and instantly lets the owner know if the hardware is included in the repair program, and therefore eligible for a free of charge battery replacement under the terms of the initiative.

How To Do So?

Users are invited to simply visit the updated webpage here, input the serial number of that iPhone 6s in question – which can be grabbed from the device itself in Settings > General > About iPhone – an then take the next step of actually having an Apple representative inspect and repair the device if it found itself eligible for.

In order to fall in that eligibility criteria, the device must be one of the faulty batch to be manufactured during September and Oct 2015, which directly means that it was built with a faulty battery manifesting itself by forcing the device to shutdown at what appears to be random intervals.

What’s great things about the dedicated repair program is that Apple has not only acknowledged the issue but also responded to it, in a better way put in place a process that will instantly take a boat load of affected devices and have them fixed, either through official channels or an authorized Apple reseller, even if out of warranty.

That isn’t it, but there’s a bit of bad news however. If your device is in the faulty batch, and is therefore eligible for a replacement battery, but if it has suffered any external damage, such as a cracked display, then Apple will not going to offer your a free battery replacement until the other problem is fixed first. This means that the hardware needs to be in full working condition, visually and mechanically to be eligible for the damn program.

Head over to the updated webpage for yourself, put in your serial number and see if you need to proceed with a replacement. Check it out!

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