Extensify Brings Cydia-Like Tweaks Store To iOS Without Jailbreak

Installation of Extensify is dumb simple, and is faster enough and always improving a lot inisde your iOS device that too without jailbreaking. Check the details before you go get download and setup on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices. It’s for those haven’t yet been able to experience the magic of jailbreak on your iOS mobile platform, and find themselves feeling envious of the world of tweaks it offers. Should know by now, there’s a way for you to get a taste of said customization without even needing to unchain your device.

Extensify finally saw a soft launch today, with promo codes handed out to some suers. Additional codes will be issued out each week till the final release goes live, a date for which hasn’t yet been provided.

The app claims to “extend the possibilities of your iOS device” by allowing users to tweak third-party apps without the need of a jailbreak”. Extensify is such that acts as a store for those Cydia-like tweaks but way closer to Apple’s App Store in terms of UI. Users of it can browse through the store by tweak or app name, date added and updated. Tweaks can be installed as an app from the App Store, though it doesn’t work exactly the same way as it does for Cydia tweaks.


It doesn’t tweak installed apps. Instead, Extensify installs tweaked version of select apps called Exos. So, if you already have Instagram on your device, for example, and you install an Instagram Exo from the Extensify store, you’ll have an additional, tweaked version of that app labled “Instagram+” appear on your Home screen.

Exos are only available for apps, and not for tweaking iOS on system level, like “real” jailbreak tweaks from Cydia do.


Currently, the platform is home to over 28+ tweaks for a small collection of popular free App Store apps, including ported versions of most hyped jailbreak tweaks the likes of Phantom for Snapchat, though that number is expected to increase after the app’s final release.

With an API made available for developers to create their own Exos, Extensify is the norm for stores that host third-party offerings. It’s up to the developers whether they really want their tweaks to be free or paid, though the FAQ page of Extensify does claim most of the today’s collection is available for free. The app itself, will charge users a subscription fee for access to its store.

It is compatible with any iPhone, ipad and iPod touch running iOS 8, iOS 9 and later. Extensify itself installed on the device by sideloading it via Safari, followed by installing and trsuting the configuration profile for it from Settings > General > Profile before you go try it out, the first tun.

If you want to get that done in action, you can apply for a promo code over at https://extensify.io/ during its current soft launch period.

How it works:

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