Facebook Literally Building An All New PC Gaming Platform With Unity


Latest reports regarding Facebook unity PC gaming platform is on the heat now on the internet of things. Facebook has partnered Unity to launch its very on PC Gaming platform and Facebook is literally becoming the Black Hole of the Internet. Users will have Facebook’s own Gaming PC soon, or later next year and for now, current we have shared some thoughts and believing of what the new report speaks. Stay tuned and check for the latest new Facebook updates.

It’s now official, Facebook has announced that it will partner with Unity Technologies to propel its PC gaming platform. Facebook’s game development tools have already been integrated into Unity 5.4 version of the game engine. The same would be available to a limited number of developers as part of the closed alpha release, which can be availed by applying before August 31st.

Remind you that Unity games’ engine will power up most of the plays available on Facebook’s social gaming platform. With the collaboration now, Facebook wants to extend the horizon of their gaming world to the PCs. That would be done simply by enabling downloadable games for PCs which will be isolated from distractions like News Feed.

Followed by the new Facebook PC gaming platform would eventually facilitate the game publishers to put their Android and iOS games on the desktop platform, like an app which would be able to make better utilization of the desk hardware resources. Furthermore, enabling support for more and more hardcore games. It will put Facebook in a position that in direct competition with the already established Steam.

It has been a difficult task for the game developers t port Unity games to Facebook’s online gaming platform. But from now onwards it will be something easy. Credits should be given to the complexities in Facebook’s developer SDK. Now that, they have made the process more unique and simple and streamlined than earlier.

However, this isn’t the first time Facebook proposing its intentions to foray into the PC gaming arena. They already have launched Facebook Games Arcade beta for Microsoft Windows in May. Nevertheless, the app will expand to other operating systems as well. It is unclear whether on how their PC gaming platform would proceed with its development and attract more gamers currently connected to other gaming communities.

To say some, Google already has YouTube gaming and Microsoft recently purchased Beam which allows users to interact with a live game stream using on-screen controls. Facebook as far as it is concerned, already have their billion dollar gaming network on the web. Facebook owns your digital social life, the internet drones, internet.org for free basic internet services, much more. Also promoting their video sharing and live streaming services too. This time around, with a new desktop gaming platform, Facebook team eyeing a big crop of gamers.

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