Facebook Marketplace Lets You Buy And Sell Goods With Nearby Users

Buy and Sell Items directly on Facebook Market

Facebook has made its new Marketplace launch official, a new e-commerce feature integrated directly into the social networking site’s existing Facebook experience to allow the sale of products, goods and items from other user-to-user in nearby area.

Facebook Marketplace feature will be rolled out this week in the select regions, such as in United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand as part of a drive to streamline and to provide literal access to existing behavior that it already been taking action on the social network on a daily basis.

No surprise, as the whole Marketplace feature is introduced in order to facilitate the buying and selling goods between users in a local community or group. With that said, Facebook also believes that up to 450 million people have been already took part in this type of classifieds via various Groups that exist on the Facebook network.

According to Project Manager Bowen Pan, Facebook’s Marketplace feature is that process in order to make it easy as possible for buyers and sellers to connect with one another when in close proximity. Like many other features that get added to Facebook, this new Marketplace icon will also filter into the existing Facebook streamlines by replacing the current Messenger icon in the native Facebook mobile app.

The Marketplace feature streamlines and formalizes the progress on the go. Tapping n that said icon will instantly take the user to a new page that’s where an automatically generated page of items included which are for sale based on what Facebook believes that individual user might like to purchase.

However, the list of products or items is generated from the information that Facebook holds about a user from pages that have been liked, as buying and viewing activity will be gathered over time as the user interacts more and more with the Marketplace itself.

Additionally, Facebook users can also manually change the location in which they wish to look for items for sale.

Selling an item on Facebook’s Marketplace is also as simple as viewing what is essentially a selection of algorithmically curated items for sale. Sellers will be asked to upload a photograph of that item on sale, providing a name for that item, adding description, price, and of course, the location of the item to buy. Rest of the experience is pretty much exactly what you would expect from an online marketplace of this nature.

Users on the other hand, can view nearby listings based on category and item type, as well as view items in other cities or regions in what will be a mobile-only experience, at least initially.

Are you in the aforementioned four locations? You will start to see the Marketplace icon appearing in the Facebook app very soon. Do make sure you’re running the latest version of the app on iOS and Android.

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