Get A Jio SIM Now With Unlimited Data For 3 Months Using Any 4G Samsung / LG Smartphones, Here’s How

Reliance Jio is although extending the Preview Offer of 90 days unlimited data, calls and messages to all Samsung smartphones and LG that supports 4G networks. In India, this would be the biggest move so far concerned the user base of both the South Korean hardware is much larger than the limited base of select phones which the Jio 4G Preview Offer was thrown recently beyond the company’s own Lyf-branded handset line.

Reliance Jio accuses telcos of releasing lesser number of interconnection ports
Nevertheless, you no longer need to generate the code from the Myjio app in order to get a free SIM. Just walk-in with your Samsung or LG smartphone and only submit your KYC document at a Reliance Digital or Mini Store or Jio Partner Store to avail a free Jio SIM card. Thus, you will get 90 days/3 months of unlimited 4G data, SMS text and calls and of course, the access to Jio’s suite of apps including JioPlay. Applicable to both the new and existing customers for the mentioned phones, below.

Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) is damn required for making calls but it’s not that mandatory though, and calls can be made through JioJoin App. However, the company has made Jio Fi 2 wireless hotspot available to purchase without any invite.

Here are those Samsung phone models confirmed officially by Jio applicable with the Preview offer. The list includes A8 VE, Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, Galaxy A5 2016, Galaxy A5 Duos, Galaxy A7, Galaxy A7 2016, Galaxy A8, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Core Prime, Galaxy Grand Max, Galaxy J max, Galaxy J1 Ace, Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace, Galaxy J2, Galaxy J2 (2016), Galaxy J2 Pro, Galaxy J3, Galaxy J5, Galaxy J5 (2016), Galaxy J7, Galaxy J7 (2016), Galaxy K Zoom, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 5 Duos, Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S 5 Plus, Galaxy S4, GALAXY S4 4G, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 Neo, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Grand Prime, ON5, ON5 Pro, ON7 & ON7 Pro.

Reliance Jio Samsung LG Preview offer
List of LG smartphones are;

K332 (K7 LTE), K520DY (Stylus 2), K520DY, H860 (LG G5), K500I (X Screen), K535D (Stylus 2 Plus), LGH630D (G4 Stylus 4G) & LGH 442 (LGC70 Spirit LTE).

The aforementioned Samsung and LG phones are currently supported by Jio SIM and also gets 90 days of unlimited data and VoLTE connection. Now that the Reliance Jio is also extending the offer for 90 days unlimited data, calls and messaging to all 4G-enabled smartphones, as confirmed by the local Reliance Digital store.

Currently, 4G smartphones are becoming more than affordable now, as with the Reliance Jio is on the thrive now. Code will be generated by them and without any invite you can make so possible, especially with the Lyf series of smartphones and Samsung-powered + LG phones as well on the go.

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