How To Get MacBook Pro-Like Touch Bar On Android Device

Here’s how you can now get the MacBook Pro-Like Touch Bar experience directly on any of your Android device the easy way. No root is required for this to work.

MacBook Pro with the revolutionary Touch Bar is available in 13-inch and 15-inch models. Get an in-depth look at what’s new and buy online today. Although, the new MacBook Pro is faster and more powerful than before, and yet remarkably thinner and lighter, which has a brightest, most color Mac notebook display ever. Has another feature that is now making rounds on the internet web. In order to bring MacBook Pro Touch Bar onto the Android phone is now not difficult enough.

Android may be one of the world’s most popular mobile operating system with the lion’s share of the market but that definitely doesn’t mean that it can’t learn a thing or two not only from stock iOS but also some cof the additional creations coming out of Apple and its platforms.

With Apple’s 2016 release of the Touch Bar-enabled MacBook Pro, inspired a range of software creations for jailbroken devices, with developers looking to bring that type of experience to iOS, and today, XDA Developers member alecot18 has brought a similar experience to Android.

However, the developer tells us that “TouchBar” for Android MacBook experience was inspired by the original TouchBar for iOS. Essentially, this is a quick and lightweight way on Android to perform and device owners to get almost immediate single-touch access to a range of things that they use on a frequent basis within the Android ecosystem.

A list of features added to the base are accessible relatively quickly anyway through other menus, and even exposed in Control Center on iOS, but nevertheless, this TouchBar for Android is a simple yet elegant bar which gives immediate access to a range of toggles.

Lets do so!

Two of the most commonly used toggles will likely be the ability to instantly toggle WiFi and Bluetooth on and off on the device. Specifically, a it’s fair to suggest that most of us are used to interacting with wireless networks or Bluetooth Sync devices on an almost daily basis, making these two options more integral to the TouchBar for Android-Mac experience. Those using the app will also be able to toggle auto-rotation on and off quite easily, handle auto-brightness, and even set the music level with ease. Separate to that music level, there is also the ability provided to control music playback, as well as toggle the ringer-level and change its type.

What would be good if an Android TouchBar be without quick access to Google? Exactly; no good at all, which is why this particular developer has had the foresight to include such a functionality.

For you who are interested in this, would definitely love to get a little bit of macOS experience onto their Android device right now, the TouchBar app can be downloaded from here.

(Source: XDA Developers)

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