How Strong: Will The iPhone 7 Stand The Hydraulic Press Test?


The all-new iPhone 7 range alongside the iPhone 7 Plus made its way into the market of the world by time, and consumers can finally get their hands on Apple’s brand new iPhone 7. In India, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will hit the store shelves by October 4 and for pricing, here is the sheet to check out.

Yesterday, it was time for a highly-anticipated waterproof test and many other, but the blend test has yet to be released, the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube was able to get its very own sparkling iPhone 7. Has only been on sale, and what we got here is the iPhone 7 hydraulic press destruction you have been waiting for.

This is the fact that almost nothing can stand the force of the hydraulic press, there’s something extremely about watching a gorgeous piece of technology get smashed into a pancake. To only check how Apple delivers to his house and you have probably seen plenty of hydraulic press videos by now, but we can’t recommend watching the iPhone 7 become a pile of cracked glass hard enough.

If you’re wondering just how durable Apple’s new iPhone 7 is – seeing as it released to the public today. This particular video holds up very well against scratches, fire, and human hands who are attempting to bend it. As expected, the iPhone 7 is certainly no match for the press, as per the on-hand demonstration, it shattered into a slew of tiny pieces almost instantly.

You’ll definitely witness the demolition in real-time, slow motion and from all multiple angles, and thankfully, though. Your iPhone 7 probably won’t come across too many hydraulic presses in its lifetime.

Watch the demonstration video of iPhone 7 hydraulic press test, below on YouTube:

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