How Best Is Google Pixel Smartphone Camera, Here’s The Proof


Top on the claims today is from Google directly suggests that its Pixel smartphone camera produces best photos when compared to others. How can we admit that what Google claims is going to target this without any proof? Here is everything you need to know and consider the fact.

On Tuesday, October 4, Google has introduced Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone and also at the event touted the new device’s camera. With product VP Brian Pakowski going forward as calling it “the best smartphone camera anyone has ever made,” with a DxOMark score of 89. To restore that bold claim, camera lead Isaac Reynolds posted a number of photos taken with either the Pixel or the larger Pixel XL. As per the comments on Reynold’s post from official Google employees, some of the shots were taken by members of Google’s own engineering team.

After examining EXIF data, it proves those photo captures were taken with one of the two new Pixel devices. But around half of them did receive some type of post-processing with either the Snapseed or VSCO mobile editing apps. Nevertheless, it’s still an impressive selection of photography that shows off the Pixel’s ability to capture a number of different lighting and color situations.

You will also notice how Google showcases the camera’s strengths by taking a variety of photos in a multitude of settings, including macro shots, low light photos, and even aerial pictures from a drone.

Have a look at what exactly Google claims about its Pixel smartphone camera the best:


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