HTC Sense UI 8.0 Likely To Offer Freestyle Layout Customizations And Sticker Support

The new 2016 flagship from Taiwan-based manufacturer is upcoming, called HTC 10. The smartphone expected to bring up a new HTC Sense UI skin on top with it as well as many features to play with. New source claims that the manufacturer will be giving lot more customization opportunities with an all-new Freestyle layout and sticker support with the launch of its new handset running HTC Sense 8.0 user-interface.

What is new in HTC Sense UI 8.0? It brings with it the Freestyle layout that is basically be a user interface where users are free to place widgets, app shortcuts and much more, anywhere they like on the Home screen and there’s also no preset architecture or grid that will need to adhere at. FreeStyle is essentially a transformation pack that make it completely of user’s choice and it already has a level of freedom on Android-powered devices making owners customize their homescreen as the way they really desire to.

The skin also have a new sticker feature support that acts simply like shortcuts, since they’re programmable and can launch or perform actions based on your Settings. With that said, there are some issues with app shortcuts and sort of ruin the backgrounds or wallpapers. In fact in this case, you can add objects like balloons, aeroplanes etc., onto the home screen and it eventually works like a regular shortcut. This type is something that hasn’t been seen on an OEM UI, but if it proves to be accurate and successful, then we should see other makers come up with their own integration as well.

Thanks: AndroidPolice [Link 1 | 2]

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